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Monika Nowak was born in Clemont-Ferrand in central France to a family of Polish artists. She now lives and works in Paris. After graduating from the prestigious Universities of Beaux-Arts and the Ecole Superieur des Arts et des Industries Graphiques in Paris she worked as a creative director for several global media groups.

Monika's work explores her intuition: energetic, independent and proactive. Through her sexy pop heroines she expresses a certain vision of today's women. Strong but fragile. Monika's heroines are paradoxical, contradictory and excessive but also soft, wild, poetic and provocative. Monika produces her work using a combination of techniques. She has refined and mastered her use of digital media and combines it with collage and free hand elements to create a totally unique style. Monika works on a combination of surfaces including canvas and wood. However her most popular work is produced on Plexiglass which gives a seamless a mirror finish and really makes her work pop of the wall.

Monika's work has reached new heights recently with some pieces appearing at the world renowned Christies in Paris. This has bought her to the attention of serious art collectors and a number of well known galleries.