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The superficial element to my work is key, I strive for compositionally balanced and alluring imagery. However my relationship with the aesthetics and my outlook is at odds, a conscious contradiction. The façade I aim to create acts as a visual lure which enables me to say more, for longer than I feel is possible with a less subtle approach.

 The still life and abstract work I engage in gives me the opportunity to clarify my thoughts, as well as express and practice the techniques that I will later transfer into my primary subject matter.

 I find release and freedom in my abstract work, a contrast to the tighter observational studies of my still life and figurative work.

 My larger works can take months to complete which has a natural retarder on progress, however by interspersing smaller and seemingly unrelated works I am able to keep my ideas fresh and alive.

 My work to date has evolved naturally and more importantly so has my subject matter. Becoming a painter has always been my priority so I have never felt the need to make a statement with my work just for the sake of it or in order to justify myself as an `Artist`. This is not to say that my work to date is without content, its just that its localised to the individual piece. Now I feel that I have found my subject and I am ready to explore it. I feel that I am ready to approach a more structured body of work.