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James is a British artist living and working in London. James Showed a a strong aptitude for drawing from a very young age. This was acknowledged throughout his early education and early group shows sparked interest in in his creations. His work can currently be found across the globe in places like Barcelona and New York. In recent years James has exhibited in internationally renowned Castle Gallery in Mayfair and Jealous in Shoreditch as well as featuring in Time Out magazine. He continues to paint at every opportunity and his most recent body of work sees him develop as unique as his creative process.  

First and foremost James is a portrait artist. He draws his inspiration from the everyday person, experimenting around their identity. In an attempt to force himself away from early realism, James has established a creative process that adds a looseness to his work, purposely minimising the likeness of his subjects. James begins by sketching passers by on the street thus limiting the amount of time he has to capture his subjects. He then works inquisitively from these studies to form multiple representations of the "sitter", trying to capture the person or pose with reference to only a simple line drawing and memory of the time. As a mixed media artist with a welcomed lack of patience, James paints with a hurried approach resulting in intentional / accidental marks and unintentional outcome. He purposely blocks out methodical thought, personal conversation and personal debate so that the resulting interpretation is only personal to that moment alone. James is only happy with the result when he is satisfied that the outcome could never be replicated by himself or anybody else.

"I don't actually want my portraits to look like the sitter. Its about painting anyone in everyone and visa versa. Creating the everyday person through every portrait".